Monday, July 26, 2010

when beauty met the prince ...

It was a movie date gone wrong right from the very start. It was raining, I was not feeling well, I cancelled ... then changed my mind because the rain stopped and he was persistent.

We met at MOA, or rather, we were supposed to meet at MOA. What actually happened was I waited for more than an hour because he was late. LATE!

When he got there, he had a really charming smile which he used on me. It would have work, granted that I wasn't used to charming smiles but unfortunately for him, I was so it did not work. He bought the tickets and we watched.

It was okay. The movie was great and the company was too, if I was out with a friend and not a date. Was he good looking? Hell yeah! Was he charming? YES! Was he tall, dark, and a cutie pie? Yep yep yep.

Was I interested? To this day, I can't say. There seems to be something missing ... I still can't pinpoint what it is though. Too young? Too young looking? Too cute? Too charming? I don't know. Honestly.

So there we were, beauty and the prince ... together, but seriously far apart. Sigh.

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