Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a princess I once was

I met him at a forum. He said he found me interesting and it seems that I have a good head between my shoulders. He asked if he could send me flowers. I gave him my office address but did not really take it seriously ... He asked me what kind of flowers I liked and I said, the assorted kind.

I proceeded to completely forget about it.

3 days later ... I get to my office and from the door which is about 25 steps away ... I see this MASSIVE bouquet on my desk. MASSIVE ... like the ones they give out during pageants but WAY BIGGER.

It had a card that said "to someone with a mind that works quite well ... never be scared to show how smart you are."

I was pleased.

2 days later, an even bigger bouquet was delivered. This was brought by 3 people because it needed 3 people to carry it. It was THAT big.

2 days later again, I received some Care Bears which I love love love. This one had a card on it asking me to dinner ... like a formal invitation.

I relented and said yes, but I get to bring a friend with me. He said okay.

He picked me up from an office party and he had nice wheels. It was a CAMRY. I was a wee bit impressed. However, his looks left much to be desired. I'm not that superficial but he really just wasn't my type.

We went to MOA and headed over to that big Chinese resto ... and upon getting to the door, I saw that it was closed. I told my friend that the resto was closed and my friend told him. He said, no its not.

I was like eh? And the door opened.

We were greeted by the entire staff and the place was empty. It seems that he was able to book an entire resto on a busy Saturday night just for us. All my favorite food was there and everything was prepared the way I liked it.

Afterwards, we went to Bagaberde where we were given the VIP treatment as well. I was already wondering why that was the case when I finally learned that he was apparently one of the owners of Marina and Bagaberde.

So it wasn't the best date but it was memorable since he got an entire resto closed down just so I can dine in peace. Gosh, I felt like such a princess.


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