Monday, July 5, 2010

Team Oli: teambuilding at Dampa

where we had dinner at Dampa
our team
my Team Lead, Oli
the hot chicks of the group LOL

They say that team building is all about building the bonding of a team, strengthening it and ensuring that everyone gets to know each other. I can say that this team building that we had was able to partially achieve that for me tonight.

I was able to talk to some of my team mates and build a bit of a bond with them which I think will help greatly in the coming days. I'm glad that my TL forced me to join them. Hehe ... thanks TL!

I normally keep to myself when we are on the floor but tonight, I felt that they made an effort to make me feel welcome and ensure that I do not feel out of place. I appreciate that. I really do.

Cheers to team building!

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