Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the search for the nanny ...

Ever since B was born, I've had my fair share of nannies and nannies from hell. I do not know what it is ... we're very nice to our nannies ... I provide for their basic needs ... we share our food and we do not treat them like maids.

Still ...

Nanny # 1 was I think the most decent. She was with us for almost 2 years but then my baby's Dad did not want her returning anymore. She was okay overall save for the fact that it was mandatory that we let her have a vacation for one month flat every year and she had day's off too. It was a wee bit much because it was so hard finding someone to be the temporary nanny for a month.

Nanny # 2 was someone' who's name I could not remember. She was a nightmare. She would often watch tv and refused to go out in the sun. She said the sun would darken her skin and make it rough. WTF?

Nanny # 3 was Judy. She was pretty okay but she just took her salaray for 3 months then left to go on vacation and never came back.

Nanny # 4 was Anna. Anna would have been pretty okay except for the fact that she was a kleptomaniac and she was having a thing with her "cousin." She was also the one who left January 1 with our house keys.

Nanny # 5 was MayAnne. This one would have been okay save for the fact that she couldn't swallow her pride and admit she was wrong to have picked a fight with the neighbors over something she wasn't even involved in.

Lastly, Nanny # 6 Milette. She just left, like minutes ago as I write. She stayed for a month and then asked to advance money (which thankfully I did not allow.) She left because her "father" supposedly had a heart attack. The other day, it was the 2nd boyfriend (she had 2) who stabbed someone accidentally. The lies ... the lies ... they should be creative writers.

Why is it so hard to find a decent worker nowadays? Why is it such a struggle? What is in the minds of these women who yearn to have work and when it is there, they go all ballistic and Paris Hilton on you?

So my search for the nanny continues ... I just want someone who will love and care for my child ... someone who won't steal ... someone we can trust ... and someone with a dead libido if possible.

Thank you.

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