Tuesday, July 6, 2010

shopping, dinner, and coffee

mom with the final dress ...
K with her dress ...
free dinner LOL ... at Pizza Hut
B showing off his new book ...
with Lans
after dinner coffee ...
where we had coffee ...

We went out today to get a dress for my Mom and my little sister since they will be attending a wedding this Sunday. We had fun today and we went to Booksale and got some books as well.

Lans followed and treated us to dinner. We ate at Pizza Hut and once again, ordered way too much. It's a habit already. We always order too much. Sigh.

Afterwards, Lans and I went to Domo Cafe in BF which is near where I live and tried out the coffee there. I have been wanting to visit this little cafe since we moved in the neighborhood but has never had the chance to do so. Tonight, I was able to. Yey!

Coffee was pretty okay and they serve it with a small biscuit which added some character. I had the white chocolate mocha and I liked it. Enough to even go back for more in the future.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. =)

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  1. I like Domo Cafe too :) It's a nice place to hangout!


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