Saturday, July 3, 2010

dinner at Kirin in the Fort

before the dinner
with Lans who treated us to dinner
Sonya's Cupcakes ... YUMMY!
Mommy at the Fort
where we ate ...

We were supposed to watch the Bench Fashion Show but changed our minds when we saw the crowd. It was jampacked and the crowd was a little bit too much for us. It didn't look too safe nor did we feel too comfy with the people gathered there.

Change of plans and we decided to go to The Fort and have dinner there instead. My Mom has never been to the place so it was something new for her. Good thing she loved the place. We strolled around and had a look at the different stores and restaurants.

We finally decided to eat at Kirin. YUM-O! We were so full. I'm kinda happy that we did not push through with the fashion show and ended up there. I think it was worth the travel that we did just to eat out.


  1. Glad you had a terrific night out. I miss Sonja's cupcakes.

  2. Off topic: I forgot to mention I saw your brother's pics (rowing photos) in this month's K-Zone magazine. I recognized him from your other posts. :)


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