Friday, August 7, 2009

thought on cory

I was never one to watch funeral rites of famous people. Sure, I would take a peek now and then but not religiously watch the entire thing. I was never also the type to go ahead and be with the masses and be part of history. No, I prefer to stay at the comfort of my home than risk the possible stampede that may occur. Funny thing to say for someone who wanted to be in the middle of the action, covering the event. I guess when my dream of becoming a news reporter died, so did the Amazona in my heart.

I was part of EDSA 2 where we successfulyl threw out a worthless piece of trash we called President Erap. However, I was forced to go by my professor. When I was there, I felt like I might have made a difference but looking back, really, did I?

I did not post the yellow ribbon on my FB page. I did not use it as a profile picture when Cory died. I did not say RIP Cory on my status messages. I did not want to be a hypocrite or someone who is going with the flow. I did not totally support her when she was alive, I would not pretend to be one when she is already dead.

However, I do admire the woman; not the 1st woman president, not the Woman of the Year, but simply, the woman that she was; the mother that she was. I admired her tenacity and her unconditional love for her children, especially Kris. Almost any Mom would have thrown her out with the scandals that she has been in left and right but her Mom stood by her; even when she had every reason to disown Kris because she was tainting the image of her father, a national hero.

I admire Cory for being a simple woman. She was never one to flaunt her wealth though we all know they are way way over wealthy. She was simple. She loved, lost, and remained faithful to that loved one that she lost. She believed in the goodness of people and she believed that people deserve a second chance.

J said Kris was overreacting with her incessant weeping. I have to disagree. She should weep and weep and weep for she lost the one and only person on earth who would understand her when no one else will, who would love her when she's unloveable. She should weep.

We, the Filipinos, should not weep. Cory may be gone, but her legacy lives on. We should weep if that legacy dies. Then, we Filipinos, should weep and weep and weep.

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