Sunday, August 9, 2009

rewarding myself, family, and awarding

Its been a while since I last got something for myself. It's been quite some time actually. When I have extra cash, which is rare, I tend to get something for B or the family or someone else. Luckily, I got to encash some prizes at work into GC's (thank you celebrating myperf) and decided that I could get something for myself without feeling guilty so I did.

I got myself some magazines I normally buy every month and 4 books (3 James Patterson and 1 ChickenSoup book) as well as some scrapbook since I have been seriously neglecting it for the nth time possible.

Granted I was too busy relaxing the entire weekend to do it but at least its there. What have I been too busy with? Spending time of course with my B and my family. I think its one of the things one should never forget. =)

On a side note, congratulations are in order to one of the twins for landing the deans list for the 3rd year in a row. He is now in the running for magna cum laude when he graduates in October. Talk about smart!

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  1. That ice cream looks yummy. Congrats to your brother!


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