Saturday, August 15, 2009

old friends, funnypics and some citymugs

what a huge sandwich right? LOL!
my newest babies ... are they not adorable? Thank you Jesser!

This is my reward to myself for surviving work ...
J with me and my geeky glasses
after 6 years, we met again ... miss you Jesser ...

I met up with Jesser and J last night to get my citymugs that Jesser so generously bought when she went on a trip to HongKong and Macau. Wheee ... I love it ... love the citymugs ... love that my collections is slowly growing.

While waiting for Jesser, J and I took some goofy pic and this was the one that was the most normal (see 2nd to the last one.)

As for the story of the 1st picture, I was simply and quite ... BORED. Lol ... I love it though.

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  1. Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at the first photo. Looks like you thought the sandwich was going to attack you.


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