Monday, August 3, 2009

sense of family or sense of responsibility

I hate it. I hate that the family in the province only calls my Mom when they need something from her. I know that they have nowhere to go to but would it really kill them to call once in a while to just check on my Mom; to ask how she is, if she is still alive and breathing?

I hate seeing my Mom all tied up worrying about where to get the money to send to her parents. I understand that they are her parents and she needs to help them because no one else will. I know that, I get it. It's the sense of family AND responsibility. Still ... she is MY mom and I worry about her. She has heart problems and I don't want anything to happen to her. I have dreams of my own for her; the least of which is that I hope she will still see me walk down the aisle one day in this simple but gorgeous wedding gown. Its shallow but I do want that.

Sometimes, I wish things were different for her. I wish that I could find a way higher paying job that will let me help her, fix my problems, and save for the future.

I wish it would come true.


  1. It's sad to see how some people treat other family members, my mother is in a similar situation.

    The best thing is that you see what it happening and through that you can help and support your mother even if it's not financially. To be there to listen, talk and simply give a warming hug also means a lot.

  2. Some people are just so selfish. Yeah, you're right. They should call your mom for reasons other than they something from your mom.


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