Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ramblings of a broken heart

It sparked so suddenly ... burning brightly, and ended just as suddenly as it has begun. It was too much, too little, too soon. It was lacking, enough, too much. It was fire and ice, hot and cold, on and off.

It was heaven and hell, it was what I needed and more. Even in the bad, I could see the good. Even when it was in hell, I could see glimpses of heaven. Even in the rain, I could see the rainbow.

I thought it was enough. I thought wrong. It's so empty now ... too much space that needs to be filled which will never be. I thought I've found my smile, it seems to have gone. I thought I'd found the one, it seems there was no one. I thought ... wrong.

I am breaking, hold me please. I am shattered, never to be whole. I have to stop thinking. I want to stop feeling. I can't hurt this much ... it's just not possible. A human being can't be so empty and devoid yet feel so much pain. I can't bear this. I want this to end.

I am empty and yet my love is overflowing. There is no one to catch it anymore. My jug has been taken away. Our love was too much, we couldn't handle it.

You are in there, safe, sound and warm. I am left in the rain; cold and shivering. I am reaching out to you ... you turned away. I want to not reach out to you anymore, my pride tells me to stop ... my heart hold out still.

I envy you ... I wish I was like you ... I wish I was ... knowing I never will be. I'll always love you ... I'll never stop ... I can't stop.

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