Sunday, August 2, 2009

sense of security

I've missed this feeling, this feeling of being secure and knowing that you are able to count on the person you need to count on. I hated the feeling of paranoia, the endless doubts, the constant questions. It was tiring, draining. It was making me crazy and driving me insane.

I yearned to feel that security and lashed out at anyone who made me feel otherwise. I became unbearable. Amidst all of this, someone stuck by me. This person, no matter how much he wanted to wring my neck and probably blast me off Earth, stuck by me. Month after month, I would lash out. Month after month, I would hurt and hurt even more. Yet, he never gave up. I think this was what I needed., what I yearned.

Finally, after years of not feeling that security, I think I have found it again. I feel better now. I feel more stable. I feel ... secure.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you feel secure again. I hope you find love again soon. You deserve it.


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