Wednesday, August 19, 2009

random acts of kindness

It never fails to amaze me how many people out there are still willing to do random acts of kindness for people they are not close to, or sometimes, people they do not even know. I have experienced this lately through my citymug collection.

A classmate back in college was going to HK and I asked her off the bat if she could get me some. She never hesitated and said she would get me one. Guess what? She got me 3 citymugs; to think that we have not seen each other in 6 years. Talk about nice.

Another is someone I work with who I was never really close to. She went to Bacolod and Cebu and I asked her to get me citymugs and she did. Isn't that sweet? She even got me this foul smelling dried fish which is what Cebu is known for without hesitation. So wonderful.

And now, J's friend is going to get me the Boracay citymug. I love it! Super cool random acts of kindness. They could have said no but they didn't. I love it!

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