Sunday, April 26, 2009

munimuni # 38

This week has been a bit challenging since we are house hunting because the son of the owner of the house we are renting wants the house we are in. It used to look really run down but my Mom weaved her magic and made this house very pleasant and nice so he wants it now. Pretty shitty in my opinion but then again, its his parent's house.

My Mom has been in panic since she wants to move before May ends in time for school since it starts in June. I kinda hate the owner of the house right now for what they are doing to my Mom but KARMA baby, it will bite back.

There has been a lot of drama involved as well due to pettiness which I need to address and fix. As they say, understanding and not being too petty are pretty important factors. I need to learn these things.

Now, focusing on the good things ... the twins won another medal for their Dragonboat thingie. Great job twins! And we went to a Jollibee party with B and K. It was fun and even the adults had fun. =) Below are pictures!

The twins posing with their team after winning in the dragonboat competition! Hip hip HOORAY!

This is their medal which is of course with my Mom now. Hehe.

This is B, trying on a mask but it won't fit his little face so you can't see the eyes.

This is K, looking gorgeous in her mask. =)

Some of the Berks (Marie, Marielle, Cheska, and Jess)

(the rowdy boys posing in front of the tarp! Bost, Kris, Jojo, and John Rey)

Hope your week will be good. I hope mine will be drama free and please, please pray that we get to find a house real soon! Thanks!

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  1. That just sucks on the house situation. Same thing happened to a friend of mine seveal years ago.


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