Sunday, April 12, 2009

munimuni # 37

This week was pretty eventful. A lot of things happened and a lot of realizations came to mind. It's been a year without Mark now but there are still moments where you feel the emptiness especially when the group gets together and you realize, there is that one person missing and will always be missing.

Coz of this, I try to make the most out of the times that I have with my family and love ones. I maximize the time I have with them because again, we do not really know until when we will be here or when they will be with us. As good as it is to imagine that we will all be together forever, this is just not the case.

I also realized that when two heated heads clashed, no matter how much love there is, you will hurt each other. I don't know what it is with people that we just hurt the people we love without really good reason. Why do we do that?

Lastly, I realized that family and the people who accept you and love you are the ones that only matter in this world. Nothing else matters. They are the ones you need to value, you need to spend time on, and the ones you should listen to.

So to everyone, kiss that person you love. Tell your family and friends you love them. NOW. Don't wait another day. Don't wait another moment. There might not be any so do it now. Now is the only time that matters. Nothing else.

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  1. Good points. If you wait, the kids could grow up before you know it.


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