Monday, April 6, 2009

the guy that I wished for

I once made a wish. I wished that I would meet this one guy, this one guy that would love me for who I am, who would not make a fool of me, who would stay with me no matter what. I wished that he would be sweet and thoughtful, that he would value me for what I am worth and more.

I wished for this guy one night, not knowing if it will come true or not.

Days passed by and life went on. Life as I knew it was the same. I wake up, do what needs to be done, and sleep afterwards. I forgot about my wish as life happened.

One day. I received a private message from someone. Let's call him WALL-E. He made a comment about a post I made and looked really cute in his pic. Out of boredom and because I was feeling shallow that day, I decided to reply and give him my number which I rarely do. I thought, if he turned out really ugly or whatever, I can just ignore him.

He started sending text messages. Lots of it. He was persistent. There were things about him that I learned which made him undesirable in my eyes and so I brushed him off. It did not work.

One day, I decided, maybe if he saw me at my ugliest, he'll back off. I met up with him. I met up with him and looked like trash. I wore loose clothing, did not have make up on, and my hair was in disarray. First thing he said to me upon seeing me, "Wow! You're pretty!"


He continued pursuing and I tried to dodge. I became bitchy, catty, nasty, and just plain rude. It did not work.

Eventually I realized he was what I was wishing for. He was this one guy that would love me for who I am, who would not make a fool of me, who would stay with me no matter what. He was sweet and thoughtful, and he valued me for what I was worth and more.

He was my wish granted. It seems wishes do come true.


  1. Wishes do come true if you asked for them not from the mind, but from the heart. IMO that's a genuine wish. Got mine the same way you did. Wished for the best and waited patiently :D

  2. Good for you! And you'll have a wonderful story to tell down the road.


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