Sunday, April 19, 2009

less is more

I realize something. When I don't demand, I get what I want.

Weird no?

See, I have this ugly characteristic. I am very, very demanding. I demand things and when I do, I expect it to happen. I get mad when it doesn't happen. I get very spiteful when it doesn't.

Lately though, I have learned to not demand so much. I am learning to not demand actually. And you know what? It's more effective. I realized that when I don't force people, when they get to do what they want, they tend to want to see me more, to be with me more.

I guess its true what they say; less is more. =)


  1. I can be quite demanding too. It's sometimes funny and ironic how things turn out.

  2. Reminds me of my kids. I tend to get them things when they don't ask me every five minutes at the store.


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