Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the green eyed monster

If the scenario above happened and I happen to be the girl not holding the champagne glass and the guy is MY guy, trust me, the other girl would be super refreshed since I would pour the content of the glass on her head.
Yep, I am that jealous. I've never caused a scene nor made a scandal. This is one thing I am most proud of. I am an insanely jealous woman but I have never created a scene. I know how to keep my emotions in check even when the ex introduced me to his girlfriend while he and I were still together. I have that much self control.
Still ... even I am amazed at how petty and jealous I can be when I am in love with someone. Everyone suddenly becomes the enemy. Of course this is all in my head and I maintain my charming and pretty veneer but I doubt almost all girls save for my friends.
I get jealous when some girls sends an SMS. I get jealous when someone makes a comment on a status or a photo. I get jealous when I see my guy talking to a girl I don't know. I get jealous when lil details are wrong since it makes me think that maybe something happened somewhere with someone that I am not aware of.
It's probably because I feel that since I am inlove with this man, who wouldn't be? Crazy right? That's how I am when I am in love. I make the guy I am with feel like he is a king, like he is the most loved and cared for man in the world. In turn, I get insanely jealous when there is someone else in the picture.
It's wrong I know. Good thing there is an antidote to my jealousy and its constant and endless reassurance. Sometimes it gets tiring for the guy so I need someone who will never tire of reassuring me. Really, this is just what I need.
Constant and endless reassurance.


  1. You're still young. You'll eventually grow out of it.

  2. I admire your self control when your ex introduced the other girl to you. I don't know what I would have done if I were in your shoes.

  3. We almost got the same feeling when inlove. I can be such jealous to the extent that there's nothing to be jealous of but just mere fact running in my head. But that was when I'm on my early 20's. When your getting older, some things really change and you'll come to realize that people have their own moments to give just for them selves. Our boyfriends were merely human who will and can always commit mistakes. And now, I'm more aware of that possibilities, and I accept him for that. That's how love goes, a tango, a give and take, patience, sacrifice, and above all, fighting for what you know is yours. - Reborn Dolls


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