Sunday, April 12, 2009

Most Creative Bunny: my li sis, K!

posing before the event
with our Mom and the Bunny mascot
the competition
the winners (K, most creative; the pink rabbit was the cutest, and the blue one was wackiest)
showing off her certificate for winning Php5,000 SM GC
Today, I am dead tired. I woke up way too early. I made up my sister coz she had a contest that she joined. We entered her into the most colorful bunny costume. The prize was Php5,000 which was pretty big for a costume contest for kids.
K had lots of fun and my Mom of course was a proud Mom. I was proud too but tired, really tired. Lol.


  1. Hi Kay! Oh great, you guys won, woohoo! Weren't we fretting a few days ago about the same contest?

    K looks great! Isaac didn't join. I didn't have time to make a costume. And here's what Easter was like for him and his cousin & lil sis: the easter Egg Hunt that rocked. I'm back to blogging, LoL!

  2. Cool. She looks cute as a bunny. The Bunny mascot however, looks kinda of creepy.

  3. wow, congrats to your sis! her costume does look adorable! ;-)

  4. Wow, she looks so cute in her bunny costume. Congratulations to your sister.


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