Friday, July 7, 2006

value of friendship

I got an email today from a friend whom I've never met in real life, and who has been a friend since 1999. That's 7 years of cyberfriendship mind you. This email he sent made me realize the value of friendship and how, without friends, I probably would not have survived the tumultuous times in my life.

I've had my share of secrets and people whom I've shared my secrets too. Some of them have betrayed me and blabbed to others about it while some of them keep it in their hearts to this very day. I thank all of them. See, my take on this is that at times, you just really need to share a secret with someone. Like you feel that you would just burst if you can't have someone to talk to about it. It kills you. Or maybe I'm a special breed and all of you just keep it to yourselves.

I don't betray secrets shared with me, but my own secret, there are so few that I have not shared. Most of it, my friends know. So yes, I am beholden to them. Harharhar!

This is another picture I can relate to. I don't know why most
guys can't understand that we just need to cry at times. I'm a woman, I know how to solve my own problems, but dammit, I need to cry at times.

There, I've said it. I'm okay now.

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