Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Guitar Man

I met him when I was getting out of a relationship that was struggling to stay afloat. My then boyfriend and I had agreed to see other people and so when he sent me a text message after I went to his gig, I was giggling like a schoolgirl. I liked him at first sight. He liked me too. So we went out for about a month and slowly fell in love. But there was a hitch. He was going to the States for a month or two.

I loved the way he would sing songs to me as if it were just meant for me. I remember how he would always sing "Iris" at the end of his gig whenever I'd go and watch them. What made it special was that he hated mainstream songs such as Iris.

He taught me to love "Ants Marching" by Dave Matthews and until now, everytime I would hear it, I'd remember him. He taught me how to have more confidence in my singing talent. He taught me that even if someone were filthy rich, they can still be down to eath and have fun without spending.

He also taught me that it is never a good thing to break someone's heart. I broke his and I felt really bad about it. I didn't mean to but I guess fate intervened. I don't know if he ever forgave me for it. I hope he did.

So to you my guitar man, keep playing your sad soulful music and continue hoping that one day, someone will sit beside you and sing with you.

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