Monday, July 3, 2006

Crazy Weekend

The entire weekend was pretty hectic for me ... met up with some balikbayan friends for merienda and coffee ... got the PostSecret book I've been eyeing for so long as well as as Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught. Also got a Missouri magnet which I've added to my growing collection.

Also attended the wedding of my cousin in law and it was really great! I mean, they were on time, no one was late, the food was wonderful, and music was great. Though it finished a bit early, no one was complaining! Cheers to you Allan and Donna! May you have a blessed relationship.

Yesterday split hubby and I. I went to my Dad's place with our son and he went to Batangas to get our pasalubong. Got some Victoria's Secret colognes and skincare as well as apparel and stuff toys and a Care Bear wobblehead. Love them all!

All in all, very tiring but feeling good. Just need to catch some more zzzz's .... unfortunately, I'm still at work and have a dinner with an uncle later.

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