Tuesday, May 30, 2006

to Flare, my buddy

Do you make time to meet with old friends? You know, the one whom you text from time to time, catch on ym, and send Christmas cards too as a way of keeping in touch with simply because you both are too busy to see each other? Well yesterday, I met up with an old college friend, Flare. Funny thing about Flare was that I didn't even really like her back in college. She was too bland for me. I know, I'm such a meanie. But we became friends and because of her, I have become addicted to Starbucks.

We met up at McCafe because we were both feeling poor and couldn't afford Starbucks at the moment. :D She looked awesome. She finally grew her hair long and dare I say, had it relaxed as well. She looked hot! She also looked happy. Of course, Flare being the obsessive compulsive sorta psychotic person that she is, decided to put her relationship under a microscope. Does he love me? We had a fight ... yadada ... yadidi ... I fnally had to stop her and say ... it's okay. You're good.

Hay naku Flare, what am I to do with you?

And to make everything perfect in her eyes, she grabbed this book as we were browsing in Powerbooks and showed it to me. It was a Mommy Journal and you can write love letters to your baby in it. I fell in love.

I love you Bitch! You rock!

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