Monday, May 22, 2006

random thoughts # 4

My weekend in a nutshell ...

Friday after I left the office, my Mom called me and asked if I wanted to go swimming with them at Hyatt Hotel. I really didn't feel like it so I said that I would just meet up with them. Afterwards, in my desperate attempt for them to take me home instead of my having to commute, I convinced my little sister to convince my Mom to go to Festival Mall and see the Pixie Forest and the Grand Carousel. So we went there and they were able to see what I've been yakking about for how many months and Kianna fell in love with it ... much to my Mom's dismay since it's located in Alabang and they live in Binondo. Har har har ... we also ended up buying stuff from National Book Store and I got 4 books which I've been dying to read ...

1) Deception Point by Dan Brown
2) The Devil Wears Prada
3) Five People You Meet in Heaven
4) Tuesdays with Morrie

Love it! =)

Saturday on the other hand was a shopping spree sort of thing for me ... bought underwear, shoes, bags, scrapping stuff, 2 emergency lights for the house, a rechargeable electric fan for B, a cologne for hubby and of course, some toys, socks, and sandos for my lil angel.

We also got to watch Lani Misalucha perform for free and boy is she really good! She can belt out songs with no effort at all. No wonder she's called Asia's Nightingale.

And to cap off the evening, we watched Da Vinci Code. I loved the film. It really makes you think. I loved what Langdon said in the end of the film ...

"Why can Jesus not be human and yet be divine? Why can he not be man yet make miracles?"

I'm not sure if I've captured it verbatim but that's about the gist of it. And Sophie's line in the middle of the film is what I believe the root of all the controversy ...

"Who is God? Who is Man?"

Sunday was lovely as well ... we went to my Dad's place where I was able to get a really nice picture of all of us ... hhmm ... mosaic or mousepad? Which one should I make?

Overall, very nice weekend ... *sigh of contentment*

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