Wednesday, May 3, 2006

hello world!

... Kay ...

I'm a simple girl who used to be too naive for her own good. I believe in love and in happy endings no matter how many times I have gotten my heart broken, stepped on, spat on, and crushed.

I'm a model but I have a brain that functions quite well, thank you very much.

I am very opionated and have a scathing remark for people who do not know how to respect opinions.

I am witty which at times border on the sarcastic side.

I am funny, too funny at times that I almost always lose whatever poise I have gathered at the moment.

I am a daughter, a friend and a lover. I love my family, am very loyal to my friends and when I love, I love with abandon and with all of my heart. I do not hold back.

I am vengeful. I try to keep that in check but at times, I let it go, especially if the person deserves it.

I am a bookworm. I love reading books, I have quite a collection of them actually . .. . from Archie to serious ones like To Kill a Mockingbird.

I am a collector. I collect friends, I collect cards which have inspirational thoughts, I collect letters and cards given to me, I colelct pillows and I collect memories.

I am a writer. I write when I'm happy and most especially when I am alone and I feel like there is no one there for me.

I am a person with a heart who has been broken too many times. Way too many times.

I am scared. Scared of loving once again. Scared of getting hurt. Scared of crying once more.

I am a woman who has given everything she can to prove her love, to nurture it and make it lasts.

I am a mother who has blessed many times over and is hoping to be blessed over and over again by the presence of one tiny baby who's changed my life forever.

I am me.

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