Monday, May 29, 2006

sweets I miss from my childhood

Oh boy! I have loads of these. Top of my list would be that lil version of Tootsie Roll ... one would take ages to finish since it's so sticky and you gotta chew it again and again just to swallow a piece! I loved tootsie roll. The Tootsie Roll they have nowadays are way exaggerated.

Another would be the Donut Pop that's making a comeback these days. I remember having it whenever we'd go to Harrison Plaza. No one I know remembered it whenever I would tell them of this donut that was like a lollipop made by Mr. Donuts until they brought it back to the market. YUMMY!

One thing I miss though is the local version of M&M in our country also known as baby bubot. I only get to buy it in our province but I heard that they sell it here as well along with the mani and what have you. You really should try it. Candy coated peanut ... not NIPS okay ... its just candy coated peanut.

I miss those days.

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