Burgis Junction

I've passed by this place a lot of times when FM and I were still dating. I have wanted to try it but never found the time. Finally, I was able to go visit the place.

I loved the vibe of the place. It was very kitchy and I loved the small details. FM knew I was going to like the place coz I was into this kind of thing but we were both in for a surprise when we saw what they had to offer.

Yep. It was a very fancy version of a turo turo or karinderya. Haha. I loved it! I really, really liked it. It was so nice hahaha.

I had liver, kangkong, and fried rice. It was okay. I'd say go to Burgis Junction for the chill, relax vibe and the decor but not really the food. :)

The food may have been so so but definitely, I enjoyed my stay there. It was most likely the company plus the ambiance. I'm a sucker for these kind of kitchy places after all.

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  1. it looks so vintage..parang ang sarap kumain!! saan to? :

    1. It's in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It's beside or near Cafe Juanita.