The Avengers and Jade Palace

Everyone was talking about the Avengers. Honestly, I had no intention of watching it but FM and the kids were going to watch and he invited me to go along. I said yes to spend some time with his kids and of course, with him.

We watched it in 3D. It was so cool. Hahaha.

I laughed a lot during this movie. It was funny and it was hilarious. To date, there are still two scenes that when I remember, I still laugh out loud.

After, we had dinner at Jade Palace. It was a first for me and I was wary since it was a Chinese restaurant and I have high expectations when it comes to Chinese food.

The hakao was pretty awesome. It wasn't dry and it was tasty.

The spinach soup was LOVE. It was so good, I had 4 cups. Seriously. It was really, really good.

The assorted platter was big too. I think I used most of it as viand for the yang chow.

Here we are, all ready to feast on the food being served. I love dinner outs like this. Good food and great company = happy times.

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  1. OOOh Jade Palace, I love their food so much!1


  2. Where's the main dish?Guess nakalimutan mo na yung lasa :)

  3. parang masarap talaga ang pagakin na iyan....can we exchange link...

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