Monday, June 27, 2022

Dae Nong Mart in BFRV, Las Pinas is the Best Korean Store

When I say that I have been to my fair share of Korean Marts, trust me on this. Every single time I pass by one, I make sure to stop and check it out. Most of the time, I am okay with the choices but sometimes, I feel let down, especially after I started watching Korean vlogs.

I found out that I have a love for Korean food and cooking, thus, the search for the most complete KMart has started. Thankfully, I saw Dae Nong Mart. 

Dae Nong Mart

This is located right beside BPI Family Bank which is along BF Resort Drive. It's not that big but trust me, it's almost complete with the basics to cook a wonderful Korean dish.

They have all of these mushrooms. They have 5 different kinds and I love them since I love dishes with mushrooms and a lot of the Korean dishes that I want to learn involve mushrooms in one way or another. 

They also had the small sausages that are perfect for budae jjigae which I love serving in our home since it's so easy to make.

Dae Nong Mart

They have premium Korean beef which I use for beef enoki mushrooms, soup, and stir fry beef veggies. They also have Kimchi which I use for Kimchi rice. 

They had fish cake, the big togue, and hotpot ingredients. 

They even have really affordable bokchoy which is one of my go-to veggies. 

And this! Singapore Fish Ball is the best when it comes to noodles and ramen. ACK! So so good and bouncy fish ball. GAH! 

I also tried their gimbap ham and it's definitely something that I will be adding to my menu now. Their japchae is also so so great because a big serving is only 120 pesos and it's good for at least 3-4 meals. It's so easy to cook too coz you just need to pour hot water and leave it for 30 minutes to one hour. 

Here's the latest dish that I cooked at home. It's not perfect but I know that I am getting better with every attempt. 

I even bought a ttukbaegi for making Korean steamed eggs. I also have Mirin. The other dish is a veggie stir fry with gimbap ham and baby eggplant that I harvested from our tiny garden.

My version of jajamyeon.

Next time, I'll try the gimbap. I am so so excited. 

Kathy Balmores

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  1. Thank you po mam,for featuring our product and Store🥰🥰🥰


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