Monday, June 6, 2022

My Top 3 Favorites at UrbaniTea

It is so rare for me to go to Quezon City so if I do go, you know that food will somehow be involved and that's exactly what happened a week or so ago when I dropped by Urbanitea near Kamuning, Quezon City.  

Meet Urbanitea

Urbanitea is a hodge podge of different kinds of food offerings. Luckily, I got to try all of them, and here are my top 3. 

1. Samgyup OTG 

This was definitely a revelation. Who would have thought that you can have samgyupsal on the go and it would be enough to tide you over? For me, this is perfect for those who barely have time to grab a proper meal or need to eat while in transit. 

I love the combination of rice, lettuce, kimchi, and meat. This is how I normally do my lettuce wrap, to be honest, so this was such a big win for me. 

2. UrbaniTea Wings 

There are 4 non-spicy flavors of UrbaniTea Wings: Orange Glaze, Garlic Butter Parmesan, Bulgogi, and Sesame Lemon. My personal favorite were Garlic Butter Parmesan and Bulgogi. I had 3 cups of rice with these two. It was just oh so, so good. 

3. Kuya Bao 

This one was a clever take on the favorite man tao and instead of having the usual pork cutlet, you have your choice of sisig or shawarma. I loved the sisig. It was crunchy and I could definitely finish about 3-4 in one sitting. 

Overall, I would say that UrbaniTea was able to cram so many different offerings under one roof. It is managed my YenMarc Food Cart.

YenMarc Foor Cart aims to connect with long-term business partners who are into the Franchising Business model. With this, they’re hoping to help fellow Filipino to have their own businesses. The lowest rate to start with is only Php68,000 and with this, Yenmarc Food Cart will supply all the materials and provide branding and marketing support.

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