Saturday, June 25, 2022

Weekend Hotpot at F1 Hotel Manila's The Canary

What's a good thing to do on a weekend? HOTPOT BUFFET at F1 Hotel Manila!

F1 Hotel Manila

Earlier today, my family and I headed to BGC because we heard that there was something called a laksa hotpot buffet happening at F1 Hotel. Ever since my visit to Singapore five years ago, I have fallen in love with Laksa. 

I just love it and my husband also loves it. Since we both hate being late, we ended up arriving earlier than 6pm and had time to catch the golden hour. 

F1 Hotel Manila

After, we trooped inside and got ready to feast. I loved that there wasn't an overwhelming choice of things. They kept it simple but filling.  

You can start with Kimchi Rice, Japchae, a fish dish, and Korean chicken. I had one serving of each and loved the Kimchi Rice. The Japchae was okay but I think the one I cooked a week ago was actually better. Teehee. I felt that this lacked a few more soy sauce and sesame oil. 

The fish was good and the chicken was very tasty. It was a good meal opener so to speak. Now off to the hotpot part. 

The fish tofu (lower left) will always be a winner and the crab sticks as well. I wished that the odeng (upper left) wasn't cut so small. Odeng is best experienced in large doses, not tiny strips. 

They had 4 kinds of noodles and 5 kinds of meat. I had tons of shrimp and beef. My son had pork overload and had fun flipping it and cooking it wrapped in the chopsticks. I chose the Pad Thai noodle and the rest got Egg Noodle.

My late grandfather would have been so proud of me. I actually got a lot of the bell pepper and ate it. I also got mushrooms and a little bit of the togue. 

My family and I ended up going home with a full stomach. The laksa was just thick enough and tasty enough with a hint of spice. It was perfect for me. 

I wish I could recreate this at home. I'm sure that it'll be special but if I can't, the good news is that the Weekend HotPot Buffet at F1 Hotel Manila will run until the end of August. Right now, they have an ongoing promotion too so head on here.

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