Thursday, February 24, 2022

My One Year Financial Goal Plan

I am tired of just making ends meet. Though I am grateful that I am able to provide and help my husband, pay the rent, have food on our table, and send our son to a good school, I want more. 

I want to have a hefty emergency fund. 

I want to have a nest egg.

I want to have enough for a downpayment for a house. 

I want to have a newer car. 

I want change. 

They said that if you want change, you need to make changes within yourself. So here is my plan to make this happen. 

1. Put money on a weekly basis inside my piggy bank. 

2. Any amount that comes into my GCash which is normally my side hustle will go directly to the bank.

3. Any extra amount that Mark makes goes to our joint account. 

4. If we have a GC to use for our groceries, the money allotted for the groceries will be split into savings and splurging on take-out. This way, we get to save and use that extra budget to eat out or take out which is one of our family vices. 

5. Continue to keep track of all spending so that it's easier to see where we need to cut down and save. 

This is the financial part. Now, here are my plans to make more money. 

1. Put out a video on YouTube 5x a week. 

2. Repurpose old content. I'm thinking download relevant videos on Tiktok and upload to IG reel. I can also download YT videos and post on my FB page as well as cut down some videos into bite-size and post on my wall and LinkedIn. 

3. Create a monthly content plan that should be followed. 

4. Promote. Promote, Promote. 

I'll be doing a regular update on this financial goal that I have from time to time and I'll let you guys know what worked, what made me cray cray, and what didn't work. 

Got tips? I'd love to hear it. 

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