Wednesday, February 16, 2022

3 Small Ways to Save Money

Saving money is hard. I know this because I have been through it. The good news is that even though it's hard, it's not impossible. You just really need to find small ways to be able to save money and so I would like to share a few ways that I do it. 

1. Save every Php200 bill you come across. It's not usual to get Php200 so every time that I come across a Php200 bill, I feed it to the piggybank. 

At the end of the year, I will split whatever will be inside the piggybank into our joint account, B's account, and Khali's account. 

2. When you feel the desire to eat out or order in, drink 2 glasses of water and then do something else. Usually, this would be enough to drive away from the desire. Cutting down on take-out and deliveries is one of the biggest ways that you can save money. When you successfully do this, put Php200 in the piggy bank. 

If you had enough money to eat out or order food, you can put away that Php200 without problems. 

3. List all your expenses for a week. Start with a week and then move on the next week. After a month, add up all the unnecessary and small expenses. I'm sure you will be shocked and appalled at how much money you spent on things that you didn't really need. This will help you be more mindful of your spending next time. 

How do you save money? 

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