Thursday, February 3, 2022

3 Kitchen Items I Will Invest In this 2022

It is now 2022 which means that it's the 2nd year of the pandemic. Almost everyone was hit by Omicron when January 2022 rolled in and my family and I were not spared. We all had COVID except for my sister in law who was arguably the healthiest and fittest among us all. 

It made me realize that we really need to take care of our health and body because health, truly is, wealth. So for 2022, I decided to invest in some kitchen pieces to help me be more inspired to cook healthy dishes for the family. 

1. Instant Pot Vortex 

Amongst all of the air fryers that I saw, this was the one that seem to work best for all of my needs. It's an air fryer, it can bake, it can broil, it can dehydrate, and it can even roast a chicken. Also, it will let me cook french fries organically and with way less oil. I'm really excited about this. 

2. Deerma Deep Pot Cooker 

My kids love noodles and so one of my goals is to make healthy noodles or ramen for them. I think that having a hotpot that also doubles as a steamer would be perfect for my family. Bonus is that it looks really pretty too so it's perfect for my videos. 

This rice cooker will be a great upgrade to our old rice cooker. I also love that this can be used to cook porridge and steamed eggs. My heart is so happy. 

Do you have suggestions? Which one do you think is the best investment that I am making? 


  1. Super nice Ng mga kitchen items na ito and sure na worth it to buy and it can also help our family to be healthier 🥰

  2. These are such nice products to try out and help me and others live a healthier lifestyle!

  3. During the pandemic I definitely let myself go. Really want to try out these products to help myself get back into the healthy lifestyle.

  4. I would love to have all of this in my kitchen

  5. I never owned a rice cooker but I definitely need to invest in one. We eat a lot of rice.

  6. A rice cooker is a must have. I make rice practically everyday so it's definitely great if you are a heavy rice eater.

  7. I totally agree with you on the multifunctional rice cooker! Looks like a must-have for sure.

  8. I went to visit a friend one day and I saw she has something like the last product you shared: smart cooker, It looks very cool and very versatile. I will want to buy one for my home.


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