Saturday, March 20, 2021

on COVID-19's second wave and anxiety attacks

It's been a year since the pandemic. We're still in quarantine and now, there are new variants wreaking havoc in our lives. Honestly, I am starting to feel anxious. 

Today, we hit the highest recorded number in a single day since the pandemic became an official thing. 7,103 new positive cases. 7,103. Let that sink in.  

The UK strain is said to be targeting kids and senior citizens. It's also supposedly 7x faster when it comes to spreading itself. It is that contagious. 

It's nerve wracking these days. The mere thought of going out and possibly contracting the disease has become more of a reality these days. Coworkers of mine are getting swab tests because they came into contact with someone positive.

It's more real now than it was a year ago and yet there are so many people who think that it's okay to no longer wear masks and face shield now. It's maddening and terrifying. 

I worry about myself. I worry about my family. I worry about friends. I worry about the world. 

When will this end? Will this ever end?


  1. I just got my first dose of the vaccine today, but I'm still scared. I just feel like this is a never-ending nightmare.

  2. We live in the UK, as keyworkers myself and my husband do 2 tests per week. Our kids are now back at school but everything is still closed except essential shops. It is crazy!

  3. I hope this pandemic ends soon! Here at my place, Central London, I hardly see anyone wearing a mask 😐 They are Covid-Idiots for sure!

    Everything Enchanting

  4. Hope we all get back to normal soon. It has been a year and we all suffered.

  5. I suppose we all have that same feeling - we can only hope that there will be an end very soon


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