Friday, March 26, 2021

Celebrating Small Wins with Yellow Cab!

With the number of cases hitting the ceiling these days, it's a little hard to focus on the positive. However, for the sake of our mental health, we need to remember to celebrate the small wins in life. 

For me, I celebrate the fact that I wake up in the morning. I am able to breathe with ease and I am able to taste my food. 

I celebrate the fact that we are all alive, safe, and healthy. This is something that is supposed to be a given but these days, it's a win! 

I celebrate the fact that we still have a job and are able to earn a living. We can eat when we want and enjoy treats. Speaking of which, today, we celebrated these wins by enjoying some goodies from Yellow Cab!

 Yellow Cab currently has a 2in1 welcomes '21 bundle where you can get 12inch 2-in01 Classic or Signature NY-Style Original Crust pizza, 1/2 pound wings in your choice of flavor (we picked Hot Chix and Garlic Parmesan) as well as 1.5 bottle of Mountain Dew. This bundle is only Php899.

The good thing is that this is available in all Yellow Cab stores nationwide, Curbside Pickup, drive-thru, delivery, or take out. It's also on GrabFood and FoodPanda for only Php999. 

This bundle offer is valid only till April 10 so make sure to order now! 


  1. yummmm!!! I love love love Pizza! I am not sure we have yellow cab here, i wish we did!

  2. Now, everybody can be happy and satisfy their food cravings in one pizza. This is awesome.

  3. I agree. Being alive and being able to eat three times a day is already a blessing

  4. Like you, I am so grateful for the life that I have today, for the chance to taste and smell everything and most especially the chance to be with my family through thick and thin.
    By the way, those are really delicious and we are going to order that this coming week to bring joy with our kids because we are now facing again to another lockdown.

  5. The pizza looks yummy. I wish yellow cab open in my country and I would love to try it.

  6. I've never heard of this pizza place before but it certainly sounds delish!

  7. Most times we take life for granted, it has become a norm.. It's not supposed to be so cause people die everyday and we are still alive. #GratefulHeart

  8. Hey Kathy,
    With the Covid-19 lockdown, we now appreciate the little things we took for granted like being able to eat out. And the Yellow Cab Pizza Co seems like a great place to visit. Not sure we have it here in the UK though!
    Thanks for sharing,


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