Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Flower Arrangements from the Little Flower Hut in Singapore

One of the struggles of Christmas is always finding the right gift for someone, especially if that person seems to have everything already.  After all, it's not easy finding a gift to give if the person wants for nothing right? 

This is why I was so happy to discover Little Flower Hut in Singapore. They have the cutest Christmas Flower Arrangement and this is perfect for anyone and everyone. 

You can easily add some cheer to their home, office, or work from home office table. 

I loved the Mini Christmas Tree the most so this is what I had and it was just perfect. 

It's big enough to make a difference and bring cheer to our home but it's also small enough to stay nestled on a table. 

There are other items that you can choose from. The wreath is next on my list because it would look so perfect on our door. Right now, we need all the holiday cheer that we can get so I'm really stoked that the Little Flower Hut has these Christmas Flower Arrangements. 

It feels like they really thought of their customers and how they can help give people a better holiday season. Order from their site today and if you are in a rush, you can even have it delivered on the same day. Isn't that amazing? 

The Little Flower Hut also offers other floral arrangements so if you have any need for bouquets or special occasions, they can be your one-stop-shop. Order the Mini Christmas tree! I'm sure whoever you give it to will be one happy person.  


  1. Small details but can make someone happy, right? Its just the season to be happy! My, we need this after all the things that are happening.

  2. These are so beautiful! Such a perfect Christmas gift to give to my loved ones on this holiday. Love it!

  3. These are so DARLING, I totally want one!

  4. What a great set of arrangements for the holiday season!

  5. I loved the arrangement, very neat and simple yet beautiful. I like it that way, you gave me some good ideas.

  6. very cute ideas! simple enough and very elegant. perfect little addition to Christmas!

  7. I really appreciate live flowers. And those that come in a pot usually go outside into my garden.


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