Sunday, December 27, 2020

On Break ...

I have been on break for the last few days and it feels a little different. 

I now have a home to manage and a family to take care of but I also have more free time to actually do things that I want to do. 

Some of the things that I hope to accomplish in this almost 2 weeks break that I have are: 

  1. print photos to put on display and send over to Canada 
  2. print photo of my Mom with my two sons 
  3. finish two small diamond paintings 
  4. clean the house of clutter and unnecessary things 
  5. finish the contest for our diamond painting group 
  6. get some much-needed sleep
  7. have a formal family photo taken 
  8. spend time with my kids and future husband 
  9. binge-watch 
  10. REST 

What are your plans for this holiday break?


  1. Just planning on staying at home, keeping safe and playing some video games before classes come back. It's always good to rest after a while!

  2. Nice set of activities planned. Well I am spending time with my parents, hubby and son. Managed leaves from office so a leisure time at home

  3. You have a great lists! And I love your family pictures! We are planning to watch a movie with kids.

  4. I think that all these goals are achievable within two weeks except for the last one. Haha.

  5. Nice family picture and awesome list. I just want to stay home and be lazy :)

  6. It is nice to take a break. I am on break at work and trying to catch up online which really doesn't equate a break. ;)


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