Friday, December 28, 2018

Tips to Effectively Publish Video Content on a Blog

Nowadays there are quite a number of options that you can use to publish video content on a blog easily. The two most popular are either by using the HTML5 <video> element, or to upload your video to a platform such as YouTube and embed it from there.

While both options have their pros and cons, there are several other tips that will help you to publish videos effectively:
  • Make sure the video is in the right format
The format that the video is encoded in is important regardless of how you intend to publish it. If you’re uploading it to an online video platform you should use the format recommended by that platform, whereas if you’re self-hosting the video and using the HTML5 player it must be a format compatible with most browsers.
In both those cases however right now the preferred format is MP4 with H.264. As such you should try to use it as far as possible, and for example you could convert AVCHD to MP4 using Online Video Converter.
  • Improve the video SEO
To take full advantage of the videos that you publish on your blog, you should improve the video SEO. It could make a world of difference to the traffic that your video is able to generate.
Good video SEO starts with identifying and targeting the right keywords. Aside from that you could look into adding a video transcript, using video sitemaps, and other steps to improve it further.
  • Only publish one video per webpage
As a rule you should never publish more than one video per webpage. In part this is because search engines will generally only list one video from each webpage that they crawl, so any other videos will be ignored.
On top of that videos can significantly slow down your page speed. Adding too many videos to a webpage will make it load slowly which is bad for both SEO and the user experience in general.
  • Avoid using autoplay on your videos
Although autoplay was a fairly popular trend at one point, it has quickly become evident that it does more harm than good. Not only does setting videos to autoplay affect the page speed, but many visitors find it annoying when videos start to play by themselves.
Considering the negative impact that autoplay can have, it is best to steer clear of it. However if for some reason you do have to use it, make sure the video is in plain sight and not tucked away where visitors will have to search for it.
As you can see each of the tips listed above will help you to publish videos far more effectively on your blog. With their help you should be able to not only publish videos that get more attention and acquire more traffic, but that are able to retain more viewers on the whole as well.
Think of the tips as a foundation however, and be prepared for the fact that in time you may want to make other improvements as well.

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