Review of Jumiso Skin Care

A week or so ago, I did an unboxing and first impression of the Jumiso Skin Care line from Hello Skin. You can watch this video below.

After the unboxing, I had the chance to try these Korean skincare beauties and here are my thoughts.

This is Jumiso's YES, I AM TONER which contains 5% AHA. This is perfect for all skin type and is alcohol-free. This is also pore refining. Now call me crazy but I felt that this had a bit more alcohol than Eskinol. As you all know, I have used Eskinol for the last 24 years of my life. My skin did not feel dry though.

After I used this toner, my skin felt a little tighter and definitely cleaner. It helps with exfoliating effects as well.

Now, this Have a Good Cream contains Snail and Centella which guarantees that it is deeply hydrating and does the maximum repair when you sleep.

I like that it's not sticky and it smells good. It also easily washes off in the morning and leaves skin feeling really soft.

Now, this serum I truly loved. It wasn't sticky. I literally needed just a drop and it covers my entire face. It also contains Vitamin C that had brightening anti-oxidant which helps to brighten up dull skin and prevents premature signs of aging.

Drop the Vita C is definitely worth buying.

These face masks are the bomb! They work, they have pretty designs, and are actually a perfect choice to give as a gift to loved ones this Christmas.

You can order Jumiso by Hello Skin from Go Bloom and Glow. I recommend you start your 2019 using these skin care.

PS. Here's a guide.

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