Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Review: PILI essential oils and balms

Supporting local business is one of the things that I try to do whenever I shop. I am not always successful but when I do see something local that is worth sharing, I make sure to share it.

Such is the case with PILI. It's a brand that I got to know about last year and one that my son and I both love.

I did an unboxing and first impression. You can see it below.

Here's my review on the products.

I got a lot of stuff when they opened in their Shangri La Plaza branch. It's located on the 4th floor near Cha Time. It's also easy to spot because you can smell your way there.

These are the 5 essential oils that they have. There are 5 variants. Rise and Shine, Breathe Easy, Stress Away, Bug Me Not, and Sweet Dreams.

B loves the Breathe Easy, I love Stress Away, and make sure we all use Bug Me Not. K, on the other hand, likes Sweet Dreams.

Balms are a big thing for me so I made sure to also get Bug Me Not Balm which provides protection from mosquitoes and bug bites. You see, I get bitten by mosquitoes easily so this balm helps in making sure that I won't get bitten so much.

I also got the Breathe Easy Balm because I sometimes have a hard time reading. This provides temporary relief for headaches and dizziness as well as to help ease breathing troubles. It's also good for quick muscle relief as well as making my mood a lot better.

The PILI lip balm, on the other hand, has kept my lips fresh and smooth even with the change of the weather. Formulated with natural pili and elemi oil, the PILI Tinted Lip Balm nourishes the lip while giving me a pop of color so that I can always have soft, kissable pout.

Would I recommend this brand? Definitely. It's not expensive and it does what its supposed to. I'd buy this again and again, that's for sure.

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