Monday, December 17, 2018

Review of Edifier W820BT Headphones

After 2 weeks of trying it out, here's my review of the EDIFIER Headphones. For the first impression, you can watch this.

I listen to a lot of Spotify when I commute, work, do my research, or even write. This means that I use my headphones a lot which allowed me to really get a feel of the Edifier headphones.

This is what the Edifier W820BT Headphones look like. Aesthetically, I love it. It's red. It's fierce. It's bold. You definitely cannot miss it.

Though these W820 Edifier Headphones is Bluetooth enabled, it also comes with these cords that you can use should the battery run out though it would be hard to actually use it all up since it can go on for 17 hours straight.

I also like the emblem. It's not too big but it's big enough to be read.

The headphones also come with flexible metallic bars that enables it to bend so that you can easily store it in your bag and it won't take up too much space.

There is also a writing on the inside of the ear covers so that you can easily spot if you are putting the headphones the right way.

This is the on and off button as well as the volume keys. It's sensitive to the touch so you just need to click on it lightly and not too hard to make it work.

Battery life: This baby lasted more than 15 hours straight of Spotify playtime which makes me really happy because I truly hate it when brands promise a long battery life then not keep that promise.

Sound quality: When I used the Bluetooth aspect of the headphones, the sound felt a little limited. It wouldn't reach the maximum sound that I wanted it to reach which I think is the device's way of ensuring I won't break my eardrums.

Feel on the ears: I think that because this is a tropical country, these type of headphones will feel warm on the ears after a certain number of hours being used. In colder countries, this wouldn't be the case but here in Manila, it will get warm though no fault fo the brand.

Bang for buck: At less than Php5,000, I feel that the Edifier headphones is worth your money if you have the budget. It's not the best of the best but then, really high-quality audio comes with a tag price of Php15,000+ and up.

Recommendation: The Edifier W820BT Headphones delivers on it's promise so if you are looking for a midrange Bluetooth headphones and have an average budget to spare, this should definitely be an option for you.

The Edifier Concept Store is located in SM Cyberzone, SM Megamall Bldg. B, one of the prime mall in the Philippines with a strategic location in Ortigas Business District.

Edifier Concept Store in SM Megamall is the first in the country and will showcase a wide range of sound systems for personal entertainment and professional excellence. Edifier’s elegant design and exceptional performance of Home Theatre speaker, Studio speaker, and portable speaker are now available in one stop shop in Metro Manila.

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