Friday, November 11, 2016

Weens Cosmetics

Weens Cosmetics Philippines is the 1st and only brand, manufacturing 5 Free Non-toxic formula, Cruelty Free and Vegan nail polish locally.  Made from imported raw materials and FDA approved while keeping up with all the hype and trends in the market today.  Weens Cosmetics is currently producing over 200 shades in their collection. group-shot
Due to popular request of “Holo or Duo-Chrome”, Weens Cosmetics made it a dream come true for all of their customers with QT’s “Era of Chromatics” collection.  Here are the combined Holo-Chromatics in their 10 shades collection:

1.)  DUCHESS – Blissfully flaunting the classy sense of chromatic gives this polish a Royal Finish.
2.) ECSTASY- Free of expressing all colors.   This shade gives a never-ending euphoria of colors.  Giving it’s wearer’s a sense of ecstasy on their nails.
3.) GREEN INFERNO – This color gives its nails overpowering warmth of green with yellow, gold and a dash of pink illuminating on top.
4.) ILLUSION- Extensive selection of rainbow colors that offers an illusion of polychromatic colors on your nails. 5.) IMPULSE – Blazing the chromatic luster on your nails while it reflects its hued effects. Giving a multi-chrome effect.
  duchess6.) LUMIERE – features versatile soft tones with vibrant holographic daring colors.
7.) MYSTIFY – Bedazzled with either pink or purple or is it yellow or gold. It’s a mysterious multi-chromatic pigment that forms amazing colors on your nails.
8.) RED WARRIOR – Imagine your nails, battling intermediate primary palettes while resonating the aura of colors on your hand.
9.) VILLAIN – Be a villain with dramatic colors of purple with bold and vivid psychedelic colors on your nails!
10.) WARLOCK – Experiment the dominating strength of yellowish-gold with a hint of pink chromatics while creating a balance outlook.

 Refashion your nails with QT “Era of Chromatics” collection.

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