Saturday, November 5, 2016

16 Blessings in 36 years

It has been almost a week since I turned 36. I let everything that happened from the week before my birthday to my actual celebration sink in before I started writing about it. I just wanted to bask in all the glory and blessing that I have received and just be thankful ... for being here, for being me, for everything that ha happened in the last 36 years of my life ... the good, the bad, the really horrible, and the even more beautiful blessings that I have received without even asking.

I am 36 and I am just starting to conquer the world but what a beautiful world it is that I am conquering.

Photo by: Paolo Navarrete

I have written about the lessons that I have learned in the past but this time around, I just wanna list down the blessings that I have received in my life, not to brag, but to continuously remind myself that I am blessed and that I have so much to be grateful for in my life.

  1. Music. I am surrounded by music and more often than not, it inspires me to write a piece or reminds me of certain events in my life. Most of the time, music speaks for me when words fail. 
  2. My ex-boyfriends. Yes, they are blessings one way or another because at some point, they loved me and I loved them. They made have made me cry and hurt me but this just helped mold me into who I am today. 
  3. My stationary collection. It may sound weird but they are a blessing to me. Whenever I feel sad, I could just turn to them and write down the words and pain away. 
  4. Musical carousels. I've always wanted one as a kid and now I have two, both given to me by colleagues who were listening when I mentioned that I wanted one. 
  5. Modelling. I wasn't a famous one and I only did a couple of projects because my main focus was studying but I learned discipline and hard work. It made me realized that being pretty and fit is hard work. I also realized why there are models who can't seem to think straight because when you are constantly starving, your brain just stops working. It's not them, it's the lack of food intake promise! 
  6. Post its. 
  7. Snow globes. If I never get to visit those places, at least I have the miniatures of New York, London, and Dubai. Paris incoming!
  8. Books. This has been my escape when I was young and now it adds knowledge and wisdom. How can it not be a blessing. 
  9. Haters. They help keep me on my toes and though sometimes they can hurt, it just adds steel to my spine. 
  10. Travel. I used to not see the appeal but this year, my travel stories have started and it has been amazing. Hong Kong and Batanes and soon, Palawan. 
  11. PSST. It has shown me that there is more that I can do, that there are people I can help, and that I can be so much more than just a blogger. It has also proven that I can turn something with potential into something to be reckoned with. 
  12. Life is Kulayful. This blog started as a way to update family members of my son's progress and has now evolved into something that I could never have imagined in my wildest dream. I have been given so many opportunities because of this little corner of mine in the cyberspace world and I will always be grateful for it. 
  13. My friends. A lot of them have left and a few remained but the few who have remained are the ones that I wanted to keep. They have been there for me even when I didn't deserve to have friends and they have never stayed away for too long. They are the family who chose to have me. 
  14. My family. They may not always like my choices and sometimes, they may hate me but they will always be there for me no matter what. They will never desert me even when I deserted them. 
  15. My son. I believe that God gave him to me to make sure that I stay strong no matter what He throws my away. He is my main reason for living. 
  16. MYSELF. I am grateful for me because no matter how many times people have tried to hurt me and succeeded, no matter how many times I have been betrayed, no matter how many times I have failed, and no matter how many times I have had my heart broken ... I STILL CARE AND LOVE. I still believe in the goodness of people and that life is good. 
It's been 36 years. I can't wait for 36 more and perhaps, a few more. There are still so many things that I want to accomplish and do. I hope that God grants me 36 more to do these things. 


  1. Counting your blessings is awesome. I need to make a list like this.

  2. Seems like you've learned a great deal in your years. Happy belated birthday.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love your list.

  4. Youg go girl!! Don't let anything bring you down hahaha :)

  5. That is so amazing! You have a lot of things to be thankful about. <3

  6. I love how positive your thinking are! I love reading this!

  7. These are great blessings.Snow globes, books, traveling and my family are in my list for sure.

  8. what a lovely and inspiring post, I always prefer to read positive posts.

  9. It's always a good reminder to sit down and actually think of all your blessings. Too often we get caught up in what we feel is not going right, and miss out on the little things. (Commenting for Jay Simms)

  10. I love all of these things that you could possibly be thankful about or love! I need to make a list of my own.

  11. I'd love to sit down and do this. I wonder how in-depth my list will be. Yours looks great.

  12. We should always be thankful for everything around us. Try to see for yourself all the blessings and miracle of God and you will be satisfied and be thankful for what you had now.


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