Tuesday, August 19, 2008

would you blame me?

I was talking to a doctor earlier and he asked me this question. Would I blame him if he operated on a family member of mine and two days later, that family of mine died due to the operation? Would I blame him?

Yes I would. I would blame him simply because I need to blame someone, in the same way that we all feel the need to believe that there is a God who controls our life and makes decisions for us. God's will and all that. Do I really believe that he is to blame? No. But I need to put my anger towards someone and channel whatever wrath I have in me so that I can slowly let go.

He thanked me for lettiing him see it from a patient's POV. I do wonder though if most people will agree with me.

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  1. I remember an episode on Grey's Anatomy. It was clear that the doctor did everything she could but the patient's family still put all the blame on the doctor. Death of a family member is very hard to accept. The pain can be overwhelming. Perhaps some people find the need to blame it on someone.


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