Sunday, August 17, 2008

shopping for labels, shopping for love

I just went shopping today and blew off an obscene amount of money. I'll probably regret it a few days later when my card bill comes and I need to pay but right now, I feel damn good about it. I got clothes, undies, shoes and lots of dresses. I feel like I deserve it with everything going on in my life. I mean, fine, I have a lot of problems but I don't need to look the part right? I also took out the B and got him 10 VCD's to make up for my shopping. Lol!

Anyone else suffer from retail theraphy out there?


  1. You work hard for the money so you deserve an occasional treat. Glad you enjoyed shopping.

    Your son is growing more handsome.

  2. Retail therapy? As a guy, I never thought that there was such a thing. Until 3 years ago, when I worked abroad.

    Now, everytime I go home for a vacation, I spend an obscene amount of money on shopping for clothes. And shoes. And accessories. And self-pampering.

    But that's because I never do these things when I'm abroad. (Stuffs are cheaper here at home)


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