Saturday, August 9, 2008

on a random Saturday afternoon ...

I sit here right now, watching some MTV's on TV while my son is coloring his supposedly magical board. You know, the one where you swipe it and every doodle you've made disappears. Yep, that one. And yes, I said coloring. So much for that. Here's a picture. Lol. MommyLou is not gonna be a happy grandma since she was the one who got him that thing.

Anyway, I was thinking that I had nothing to do today. Like completely nothing and then I realized that I actually do but I just don't have either of the following:

1. cash - I wanted to go shopping.
2. fake dvd- want to watch Mama Mia
3. energy - need to finish my scrapbooks
4. energy again - should upload all pictures in multiply and what have you
5. more energy - want to record a demo cd to join this talent night that my company has

Hmmm ...what to do what to do?

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