Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I think I am becoming one. I am now obsessing over how many RAM's my laptop has, mulling things over getting a 160GB ipod, a D40 DSLR or D80 DSLR, and if I should get myself my own personal laptop or not. Add to that my wanting to get a realy kickass Sony Ericson phone and that just about seals the deal eh?

My house and my Mom's house which is right across mine has WiFi for crying out loud so that even in the bathroom I can be online. Talk about crazy huh?

When did this happen? I used to find it so amazing that I was able to send email's? Is this part of my evolving? Hahahahaha! I do not know. What I do know is that I want these gadgets and I am already plotting ways on how to get it. Lol!


  1. Wait 'til you're obsessing over how many processors your server has. ;)

  2. I use to be a techno geek. But I'm not any longer. I just couldn't afford to keep up now that I have a wife and three kids.

  3. ..wait until you're fretting at how many million fps (flops per second) each core of your processor does...



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