Sunday, August 3, 2008


I wish someone could show this to R. I wish someone can tell him that to make me stay and work things out, all he needs to do is to love me, appreciate me, and make me feel like I matter. REALLY MATTER.

I don't need lip service. I don't need flowers though occasionally it would be really nice. I just need to feel that I am needed and wanted; not because he is used to having me around but because he wants me around, he craves to have me around. Because I matter.

Really. That's all I need. Is it so hard to give?


  1. a majority of the time, men are clueless. i remind my husband all the time that i have to treat him a like a "different species"! haha

    have you talked to him about your feelings?

  2. sometimes you have to be the one to tell him that... nothing beats expressing one self to a special someone... it may not get you quick results but in the end what matters is he knows you are doing your best & if ever things don't work out he can only blame himself for that...
    everybody is special in his or her own right... one doesn't need to have someone tell you or make you feel like that...
    although it does make a world of a difference if someone special would give it to you...
    reality sucks...

  3. Of course you matter. I'm sorry he doesn't treat you that way.


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