Friday, March 7, 2008

too blessed to be stressed

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I am blessed.

Yes, I am blessed because I have what matters in life ... these are the things that I look forward to at the end of the day.
  • a house to go home to

  • hubby preparing our room so that I can hit the sack since I'm on GY now

  • my son screaming "MOMMY" at the top of his lungs and grabbing his bike because he knows that we will go around the village when I wake up in the afternoon

  • family who love me no matter what

  • friends who have been there since time immemorial

  • my scrapbooks which help me relive the memories

  • my ability to say thank you and sorry when needed

  • others ability to forgive me

  • good health

  • security
  • and my God ... though I am not the church going type, I believe in God and I know he loves me no matter how undeserving I may be.
Are you blessed?


  1. Love this post! The best things in life are the simple things around us. God is indeed so good.

    Btw, you've been tagged

  2. I know I'm blessed too. A wonderful wife and three great kids is all I really need. Everything else is a bonus.


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